Uncle Charlie

A sports marketing Agency

Social Media Management & Digital Content Creation

Young and Scrappy

Meet the founders

Uncle Charlie was founded while Jake and Tyler were in college. After working together for a little over a year, J&T joined forces and rebranded to form Uncle Charlie - a sports marketing agency. We have our roots in being scrappy…working with small budgets and a pocket full of creativity we’ve always found a way to “make it happen” for the brands we work with.
Jake Kranz


Jake is born and raised in North St. Paul, MN across the street from the famous giant snowman. He is an operations guy at heart, loves people, and the glue guy for Uncle Charlie. This guy will run through a brick wall for you.
Tyler Webb


Tyler leads the creative and strategy side of the house at Uncle Charlie. He’s a natural born creator and pure-bred digital strategist. Ty is unfortunately a Packers fan, but I guess is cool since he is famous on TikTok.

Our Working Style

We Get Sh*t Done

We start by building a strategy with you and then go to market. Our work is just getting started once we go to market with our strategy. In today’s world attention is always shifting and so is the creative that captures that attention. We shift our strategy in real time to meet fans and audiences where they are.

Eventually, what normally ends up happening is we push the discussion around how the brands we work with can grow. We like to push - the work is more fun that way.

We'll Be A Great Fit

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